About us


CS Clay Roof was born out of a necessity to solve an industry-wide problem of material shortages and unacceptable lead times that were significantly delaying construction projects. The founder's previous experience in the roofing industry, dating back to 1989, made him acutely aware of the challenges that builders faced.

Having specialized in tile roof systems in Florida and the USVI, he was determined to find a solution. His quest led him to a manufacturer whose quality of roof tiles was undeniable, a product he could confidently connect with the legacy of excellence upheld for over 30 years. Armed with a distribution agreement, CS Clay Roof set out to accomplish the rigorous Miami-Dade NOA application process.

Garnering approval was a significant achievement, as the Miami-Dade NOA is recognized as the gold standard in roofing materials. This certification is particularly challenging to acquire due to the stringent testing required, given the frequent exposure to hurricanes and inclement weather.

Today, CS Clay Roof stands as a testament to my commitment to quality and resilience, ready to serve clients with the best tile roofing solutions.